AMD 邁向雙核心

我在 CNET News 看到 AMD advances its dual-core plans 這篇.

新的晶片研發代號叫 Toledo , 以 90 奈米製程製造, 使用 Socket 939 , 將會排進 Sempron / Athlon64 / Athlon FX 的產品線 .

CNET News 的報導部分內容如下 :

Advanced Micro Devices plans to release a dual-core processor for desktops in the second half of 2005, stepping up its schedule to better compete with Intel.

The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company has completed the design of a dual-core processor that will be sold as an Opteron chip for the server market and as an Athlon 64 chip for the desktop markets, said Barry Crume, a director in AMD”s Opteron division.

Intel 則是在 Itanium2 上面跑 dual-core , 看來又是一場大戰了. XD