RFID 信用卡!! O_O

Slashdot 報導的 : VISA To Push RFID Credit Cards .
( 文章裡面有提到, 消息是來自 ZDNetWhen paying with plastic, why swipe? Just wave 這篇 )

節錄 Slashdot 的部分內容如下 :

consumers need only wave credit and debit cards within a few inches of a reader to complete a purchase. And for purchases of less than $25, no signature is required.

還有這段 :

Each transmission between card and reader has a unique code that cannot be reused even if it is intercepted

看來是不錯, 可是在台灣的信用卡盜刷的案例時有所聞, 屆時不知道會怎樣哦?! O_o