FireTune – FireFox 效能調整軟體


這篇介紹 裡面有這段 :

Flawlessly in our experience. We”ve now tried it on five PCs and it has sped up each Firefox. In our tests we reduced the loading time of the Firefox home page from 6.47 seconds to 3.922 seconds, which is a 40% improvement, and of the Microsoft homepage from 3.25 seconds down to 2.31, which is a 29% improvement.

我在使用後, 感覺也有效能上的增進 ( 不知道是不是心理因素!? :-O ) .

Anyway , 軟體官方網頁 在此 .
目前版本是 1.0.4 , 我自己 mirror 了一份, 您可以 點此下載 .