AT&T 解散 UNIX 部門…

剛剛亂爬文, 爬到 這篇 .
( 8 月中的舊聞了… 現在才爬到… orz )

在文章裡面也有提到成員們的去向 :

Ken Thompson retired to California.
Brian Kernighan is a Professor at Princeton.
Doug McIlroy is a Professor at Dartmouth.
Rob Pike and Dave Presotto and Sean Dorward are at Google.
Tom Duff is at Pixar.
Phil Winterbottom is CTO at Entrisphere.
Gerard Holzmann is at NASA/JPL Lab for Reliable Software.
Bob Flandrena is at Morgan Stanley.
Dennis Ritchie and Howard Trickey remain, enisled.

至於 Unix 的歷史的話, 有興趣玩玩考古學的可以看看 這篇 .