phpBB 2.0.17 released !

主要修正有這些 :

  • Added extra checks to the deletion code in privmsg.php – reported by party_fan
  • Fixed XSS issue in IE using the url BBCode
  • Fixed admin activation so that you must have administrator rights to activate accounts in this mode – reported by ieure
  • Fixed get_username returning wrong row for usernames beginning with numerics – reported by Ptirhiik
  • Pass username through phpbb_clean_username within validate_username function – AnthraX101
  • Fixed PHP error in message_die function
  • Fixed incorrect generation of {postrow.SEARCH_IMG} tag in viewtopic.php – reported by Double_J
  • Also fixed above issue in usercp_viewprofile.php
  • Fixed incorrect setting of user_level on pending members if a group is granted moderator rights – reported by halochat
  • Fixed ordering of forums on admin_ug_auth.php to be consistant with other pages
  • Correctly set username on posts when deleting a user from the admin panel

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